Message from Sarawak Federal Treasury Officer

Bismillahirahmanirahim; Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Welcome to Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sarawak’s official website.

Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sarawak is a Federal Government agency under the Ministry Of Finance and it is responsible to ensure that all Federal Departments, Agencies and Federal Statutory Bodies in Sarawak comply with all the current financial policies and procedures. This is in line that with the Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sarawak’s mission which is to achieve frugal and efficient financial management to ensure optimum usage of financial resources.

With the existence of this website, visitors could easily access all kinds of related information faster and easier than before. The informations available consists of the organisation, Circular Letters Of Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sarawak’s Central Contract, Circular Letters Of Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sarawak, Tender Closing Date, Tender Board Meeting Date, list of central contract companies and items and other related informations. Besides that, visitors can also download Company Registration Application, Additional Category Application and Bumiputera Status Application Forms.

Happy surfing and enjoy your tour of our website.


Yang Berusaha. Mr. Mohd Saiful Sungkih Bin Abdullah
Federal Finance Officer Sarawak

Last Modified: Monday, 12th October 2020 at 7:10 PM